Imatrikulace zahraničních studentů

13. 10. 2016 -

Ve středu 12. října 2016 proběhla slavnostní imatrikulace zahraničních studentů, kteří byli v letošním akademickém roce přijati do magisterského a doktorského studia na Lesnické a dřevařské fakultě Mendelovy univerzity v Brně.

The first matriculation ceremony of foreign students starting their degree at Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology MENDELU this semester was held on Wednesday 12th October, 2016. Students were matriculated during the beautiful ceremony performed in English. Each student received a MENDELU backpack with a pack of useful information materials and marketing items. Following the ceremony all students had their festive lunch together, enjoyed the tour of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology and had the opportunity to meet with her Excellency Ghanian Ambassador to the Czech Republic.