In consideration of profiles of a graduate in study programs accredited at FFWT the Department of Mathematics does not guarantee any fields of study and it does not guide final theses. Its role is to work with students, train them in rigorous thinking, teach them basic numerical and arithmetical skills in higher mathematics and to improve their depth perception and ability to express graphically. The Department continues its historical roots and also at present it has the patronage over courses of mathematics at most faculties and fields of study at the University and constructive geometry (or engineering drawing) at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology. Scientific focus is mainly on qualitative theory of differential equations and mathematical modelling. The Department cooperates closely with other mathematical institutes in Brno and within professional consultations also with other departments at the Faculty. Besides scientific articles, its staff publishes also university textbooks.


The Department of Mathematics does not guarantee any fields of study and does not guide any theses, however it participates in teaching in most of technical subjects at the Faculty. Teaching is supported by e-learning. The Department operates the WeBWorK server for automatic grading of mathematical homeworks and for distant examination of mathematics and related courses.


We develop in particular theoretical apparatus of mathematical analysis used when modelling real situations and simulation of experiments. Attention is paid in particular to differential equations (determined for models of phenomena running in continuous time), difference equations (for modelling of phenomena with discrete course) and their systems. We create new knowledge and results that are published regularly in the prestigious scientific journals. We lecture regularly on progress in equation qualitative theory on international conferences abroad. We also engage in engineering drawing and descriptive geometry (e.g. imaging methods and constructive geometry). We also achieve new results in this area, in particular in construction methods that are also presented in scientific journals.


In consideration of the focus of the Department we do not dispose of any laboratories or sophisticated equipment. Also in these days the main working tool of a mathematician is an empty paper and pencil. Of course we have access to special databases of not only mathematical publications.


The Department of Mathematics provides within proficiency of its staff ad hoc consultations to other staff of the Faculty or University and to professional public.


Mathematics does not know any borders. It is the same in the tropics and in the Arctic, in developing and developed countries. This is reflected also in foreign cooperation. Members of the Department naturally share their knowledge with colleagues or PhD students in the field through personal e-mail communication.


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