Main goals of DGP are research and understanding of complex geological, geochemical and pedological (soil-forming) processes, human impact on such processes in modern times (mining and its negative impacts, restoration of post mining areas) and their impact on human society. The Department of Geology and Pedology offers to the Master's degree students and PhD students cooperation in wide spectrum of scientific projects, including study of geochemical processes, issues of soil degradation in forest and non-forest area, applied geological and pedological understanding of landscape.


The Department of Geology and Pedology guarantees 21 compulsory and vocational subjects for pre-gradual fields of study and 5 subjects for doctoral fields of study.


Wide range of professional orientation results in particular in applied conception of science in geology, geomorphology, pedology and archaeology, with outreach to supportive and related biology disciplines, biochemistry, micromorphology, hydrogeology and hydropedology and nanomaterials. The aim is to interpret such disciplines in environmental conception with impact on forestry, landscaping and arboriculture.


Facilities for study include a specialized classroom for teaching of geological courses, with samples of minerals and rocks and laboratory for teaching of pedological courses, where practical laboratory training takes place. The Department also has special instrumentation for the students' final theses and thesis projects and scientific and research purposes.


The Department cooperates with universities and scientific institutions, as well as with private companies that deal with disciplines in accordance with taught subjects and profile of the Department of Geology and Pedology of FFWT of the Mendel University. Our partners: Archaia Brno z.ú.; Transport Research Center; Colloredo-Mansfeld spol. s r.o.; Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Institute of Geology of the Czech Academy of Sciences; Horák a synové, Okrasné školky s.r.o.; Lesy České republiky, s. p.; Masaryk University; Forest Nursery Association of the Czech Republic; Forest Nursery Union of the Czech Republic; Palacký University in Olomouc; Institute of Geonics of the CAS; Forest Management Institute in Brandýs nad Labem; Forest and Game Management Research Institute – Forest Research Station Opočno; Brno University of Technology.


Foreign cooperation of the Department is related both to pedagogical and scientific and research activities. Within Erasmus+ and Mobility programs institutions, in particular universities, are visited, for pedagogical and also scientific and research purposes primarily in Europe but also outside Europe. Within scientific and research and project activities the Department staff specializes in individual contact places in the world, where an intensive and long-term cooperation is carried out. Generally we may mention cooperation in Great Britain, France, Germany, United States of America, Mongolia, China, Vietnam etc.

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