The Department of Geology and Soil Science (DGSS) at Mendel University in Brno focuses primarily on research and concepts of complex geological, geochemical and pedological (soil-forming) processes as well as the human impact on those processes and their implications for the human society and biosphere. The Department of Geology and Soil Science provides university students with a myriad of academic study courses. Apart from these activities, the DGSS gives graduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to collaborate on a broad spectrum of scientific projects, including research of geochemical processes, issues of soil degradation in forest and non-forest areas or understanding of the landscape through applied geological and pedological fields.


The DGSS guarantees 21 compulsory and optional subjects for undergraduate and graduate fields of study and 5 subjects for postgraduate students.


The wide range of professional orientation results particularly in the applied conception of science in geology, geomorphology, pedology and geoarchaeology, with outreach to supportive and related biology disciplines, biochemistry, micromorphology, hydrogeology and hydropedology. The main aim of the research activities is the interpretation of such disciplines in the environmental conception with the impact on forestry, landscape management and arboriculture.


Forestry Soil Science

  • Taxonomy of forest soils
  • Relation between tree species and the soil environment
  • Characteristics of edaphic categories for the forestry typology
  • Habitat differentiation for forest management
  • Nursery substrates and intensive technologies
  • Fertilization of forest tree species

Soil Biochemistry and Biology

  • Activity of soil enzymes
  • Soil respiration
  • Nutrient cycles in the forest ecosystem

Environmental Soil Science

  • Micromorphology of soils and sediments
  • Soil water regime
  • Soil degradation
  • Soil erosion
  • Urban soil environment
  • Soil and geodiversity modelling and mapping
  • Soil restoration and reclamation
  • Engineering optimization of the soil environment

Landscape Forming Processes

  • Sedimentation cycles
  • Quaternary soil development
  • Formation processes of cultural landscape development
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Environmental microgeomorphology
  • Geopedagogy and geotourism
  • Nature conservation and integrated landscape management


Study and research facilities include a specialized classroom for teaching geological courses using the unique collection of mineral and rock samples. The Department is also equipped with a modern laboratory which is designated for performing pedological analyses and practical laboratory based training within the framework of the pedological courses. The DGSS also owns special instrumentation essential for the completion of the students' final theses and for research purposes.


The Department cooperates with numerous universities, research and educational institutions not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad as well as with private companies dealing with the fields of study in accordance with the taught subjects of the university curriculum and the scientific profile of the Department of Geology and Soil Science of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Mendel University in Brno.

The Department entered into the partnership with:

  • Archaia Brno, z.ú.,
  • Transport Research Center,
  • Cemex Sand, k.s.,
  • Colloredo-Mansfeld, spol. s r.o.,
  • Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague,
  • Institute of Geology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, v.v.i.,
  • Horák a synové, Okrasné školky, s.r.o.,
  • Lesy České republiky, s. p.,
  • Masaryk University in Brno,
  • Forest Nursery Association of the Czech Republic,
  • Forest Nursery Union of the Czech Republic,
  • Palacký University in Olomouc,
  • Institute of Geonics AS CR, v.v.i.,
  • Forest Management Institute in Brandýs nad Labem, v.v.i.,
  • Forest and Game Management Research Institute, v.v.i. – Forest Research Station Opočno,
  • Brno University of Technology.


Foreign cooperation of the DGSS is related to its pedagogical, scientific and research activities. Many prestigious institutions, preferably universities, offer the students of Mendel University in Brno participation on their projects within the Erasmus+ and Mobility Programme for pedagogical and also scientific and research purposes, primarily in Europe but also outside Europe. Furthermore, the Department staff specializes in individual contact places worldwide where intensive and long-term collaboration is established in connection with scientific, research and project activities. In general, the international liaison with the institutions in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, France, Germany, the United States of America, Mongolia, China and Vietnam has been initiated.


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