The Department of Landscape Management of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the Mendel University in Brno is characterized in particular by (forest and landscape) engineering structures and landscape management. The Department is a unique institute able to respond to current demand for products of the so-called environmental engineering, i.e. to combine both the knowledge of natural environment and knowledge of building structures in landscape and their designing. From the point of view of localization of landscape activities the main solved landscape segments are forest and woody vegetation outside the forest and the so-called aquatic ecosystems in landscape. From the point of view of expertise of landscape activities the main issues are: opening up of the landscape and small constructions in the landscape, natural flow adjustments and making barriers on streams, small water structures and biotechnics of landscape greenery (from functional greenery to greenery as a part of building structures).


The Department guarantees the following study programs: Landscaping – bachelor's study program, Landscape Engineering – master's study program, Landscape Management – doctoral study program and Engineering Forest and Landscape Structures – doctoral study program. The Department also guarantees subjects within many other fields of study and programs.


Main science and research spheres of interests of the Department are: applied physics (hydraulics, hydraulic engineering), opening up of landscape, soil mechanics, landscape biotechnics etc. The Department profiles itself on a long-term basis as a research and engineering university institute, i.e. apart from research and pedagogical activities in the solved fields it realizes its potential also in projects (from feasibility studies to implementation projects).

The Department of Landscape Management publishes the scientific journal called Journal of Landscape Management, indexed in international scientific databases and organizes regular international scientific conferences called Rekreace a ochrana přírody - ruku v ruce (Public recreation and landscape protection), the conference proceedings are regularly put in the so-called Core Collection Web of Science.


The Department has offices on the third floor and fifth floor of building B of the Mendel University in Brno. It has four classrooms at its disposal. It also has soil mechanics laboratory (on the third floor) for the needs of teaching of subjects such as soil mechanics, construction foundation etc. The laboratory includes equipment for analyses in the field of soil mechanics – soil granularity, CBR, essential chemical characteristics of water. There are also liquid hydraulics models, microscopes etc.


Sense of cooperation in professional and project sphere or on the level of state administration, is so that each specialism ensured by the Department had and adequate partner company with sufficient professional background to support the study by training, invited lectures and mentoring. The Department cooperates with design offices, specialized firms, administrative authorities, university departments and research institutes. The Department staff carries out professional activities and provides expertise in particular in water management, landscape engineering, periurban forestry, spatial planning and development, recreology, material civil engineering etc. Expertise is provided in forest and water management and environment (connoisseurship).


Scope and multi-subject orientation of the Department requires its cooperation with other institutions and organizations; it is both national and international cooperation, on science and research and application and project levels. The Department cooperates on a long-term basis in particular with related university departments and research institutes in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Austria, Germany and in the Philippines and also with design and implementation companies in the Czech Republic.

Foreign cooperation is carried out on projects V4, COST, Interreg Central Europe, bilateral exchanges and common publication activities. Current active cooperation is for example with TU Zvolen, Politechnika Rzesow, SPU Nitra, TU Košice, AGH Krakov.



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