The Department of Engineering is a modern and key department within the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the Mendel University in Brno with a long tradition and wide thematic coverage of study and science and research activities. It is very well equipped as for the personnel and also materially for teaching of about forty subjects for several fields of study also outside the sphere of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology. Besides traditional subjects relating to forest technology and forest harvesting also subjects in ergonomics, bioenergetics, wood constructions, arboriculture, tropical forestry etc. are taught.

The Department of Engineering traditionally deals with engineering and technology in all main sectors of forest management, in particular in forest restoration, forest harvesting and transport of wood. In this field the Department deals both with motomanual and also fully mechanized production technologies, optimization of their use, detection of negative impacts of operation of forest technologies on environment and manners of their minimization. In this connection the Department participates, within common research projects with an external partner, in structural design of new harvesting and transport machinery (forwarders, harvesters, ...) and ensures their testing.


The Department ensures teaching for most of study programs and fields of study at FFWT. Multidisciplinary character is typical also for its pedagogical activities. The Department guarantees teaching of more than 40 subjects for all degrees of study for students of FFWT and also other Faculties, in several cases also in English. Besides traditional disciplines that we have been teaching for years (i.e. in particular subjects relating to harvesting and transport of wood, forest technology, ergonomics, operational reliability of machines, minor forest harvesting and production) the Department ensures also teaching of many other subjects created in last 20 years and going beyond original thematic frame of the study. Important group of subjects are now the ones dealing with renewable energy, machinery and building energetics.


In the science and research area the Department intends to develop in particular good and by scientific community recognized existing studies of impacts of forestry and woodworking machinery and technology on natural environment and forest, multi-criteria methods of forestry technology optimization using knowledge of impacts of engineering on environment and knowledge of many forestry fields, including use of GPS, simulation methods of forest development and study of possibilities of technological solution of energetic use of dendromass.


The Department has two laboratories (engineering laboratory on the ground floor and ergonomics laboratory on the 2nd floor of the FFWT building), in which various apparatuses are placed that are usable mostly also in external environment, which is important with regard to character of the studied objects – usually mobile machines. Laboratories serve both for research and pedagogical purposes. In the engineering laboratory there is also a vast collection of chainsaws representing individual development stages. Multi-purpose classroom connected with metalworking workshop serves also occasionally as a laboratory area. The Department has two classrooms at its disposal: B04 on the ground floor of the FFWT building and B23 on the 2nd floor of the FFWT building. Both classrooms have been reconstructed recently and are equipped with standard didactic technology (data projector, computer), classroom B04 has an interactive board. On the ground floor of the Department there is a specialized multi-purpose classroom connected with metalworking workshop.


The Department cooperates with other establishments of FFWT and it considers as very important also cooperation with external partners, especially from operational practice, but also from other universities (for example Brno University of Technology, TU Zvolen, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague).


The Department staff actively engage themselves in and the Department supports international cooperation in mobility, e.g. in the Erasmus program or JSPS (Japan Fellowship Programs for Overseas Researchers), where the staff go to foreign business stays to partner universities and other institutions, the Department also receives visits of foreign specialists and students. This cooperation relates for example to the following institutions: SLU in Umea - Sweden, Universita di Firenze - Italy, Biotehniška fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani – Slovenia, Skovskolen Forestry College-University of Copenhagen – Denmark, Dept. of Forest Engineering, Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering, etc.

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