The Department is divided into two divisions, each having its head: Division of Establishment of Forests and Silviculture Division.

The Division of Establishment of Forests ensures pedagogical and scientific and research activities in establishment of forests and it covers issue of artificial regeneration of forests from providing of seeds and other reproductive material to creation and ensuring of plantations, including the issue of production of special planting stock, genetics and forest tree breeding. Besides solving of current issues in seed production, tree nursery and afforestation, focus of scientific and research activities lies also in study of root system (rhizology) of forest trees.

The Silviculture Division ensures pedagogical and scientific and research activities in silviculture and it covers issues from the principles of forestry, silviculture, multifunctional silviculture and special-purpose silviculture to cultivation of intensive forest plantations or agroforestry. In teaching and research both fields (establishment of forests and silviculture) deal with current issues of forestry and environment. Practical training of students, education of professional public (field trips, courses, etc.) are carried out in particular in cooperation with the Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest Křtiny (TFE).

New division – MendelGlobe was established at the beginning of 2016, it deals with climatology and production ecology, study is limited to only one optional (course) "Global Change and Forestry".


The Division of Establishment of Forests provides study of compulsory subjects Establishment of Forests and Forest Tree Breeding and optional subject Production of Special Planting Stock in the field of general forestry, both at the full-time and distance study of forest engineering.

The Silviculture Division provides study of the following subjects: Principles of Forestry and Forestry and Forest Functions, within the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology – Silviculture, Multifunctional Silviculture, Special Purpose Silviculture, Intensive Forest Plantations, Agroforestry, etc.


Research enables understanding of functioning and stabilization of forest ecosystems, it makes it possible to quantify and optimize production of wood mass (both quantity and quality) and fulfillment of social forest functions. Research that is carried out is directly connected with economics in forestry and forestry policy in legislation. It affects not only forest owners but also the wide public – forest visitors. Results of the research are presented for public at various seminars and lecturers (e.g. BVV – SilvaRegina), during the open days or science days at FFWT of the Mendel University in Brno and elsewhere, in the form of lecturers, information leaflets and posters, articles and publications in professional journals and last but not least also in daily newspapers and in the form of special statements and expert opinions and reports.


List of instrumentation for ecophysiological measuring: SunSCAN (measures direct and diffused component of photosynthetically active radiation), HemiView, WinSCANOPY, pressure chamber (measuring of water potential in young plants, annual shoots, leaves), TRIME (measuring of soil moisture and soil surface temperature), FlurPen (measuring of chlorophyll fluorescence), SapFlow (measuring of transpiration flow). List of instrumentation for examination of wood production: altimeters, forestry calipers, dendrometers, accretion borers, drier and scales.


The Department of Silviculture cooperates with the following companies and institutions: Městské lesy Hradec Králové a.s., Lesy města Brna, a.s., Správa městských lesů Jihlava, s.r.o., Městské lesy Volary s.r.o., Diocesan forests, Diocese of Ostrava-Opava, Vojenské lesy a statky ČR, s.p., Association of Municipal and Private Forest Owners in the Czech Republic , Lesy České republiky, s.p., etc.


Within research and education the Department of Silviculture cooperates for example with: University of Zagreb (Croatia), Technical University in Zvolen (Slovakia), National Forest Center (Slovakia), NPU in Nitra (Slovakia), etc.

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