Aim of the study is to prepare students on a high professional, cultural, ethical and social level with necessary creative characteristics in such manner so that they were able to solve independently conceptual tasks and respond flexibly to requirements of practice in designing and manufacturing of furniture. The Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat provides bachelor's and master's studies.


Bachelor's study – a three-year study program CREATION AND MANUFACTURING OF FURNITURE profiles students, who are well suited to use the acquired knowledge and skills in manufacturing of furniture, business, design offices, advisory services and in vocational education. After the first year the study is divided into three modules: "Manufacturing of Furniture" MF – deepens knowledge of technologies, materials including waste and basic principles of production control, "Creation of Furniture"/CF/ - deepens knowledge of creative structural creation of furniture and its utility parameters and "Sale of Furniture" /SF/- deepens knowledge of business, consultancy and fundamental issues of interior. Modular principle of study allows students to choose a study module according to their personal inclination.

Bachelor's study – a four-year study program - FURNITURE DESIGN, field of study FURNITURE DESIGN, profiles students, who become furniture designers.
Master's study – a two-year study program FURNITURE ENGINEERING of the field of study FURNITURE ENGINEERING proceeds from theoretical knowledge of wide range of basic furniture disciplines and it continues them both on application level and also on the level of targeted development of creative skills of the students. Study program, orientation of which puts stress both on theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Master's study – a two-year study program FURNITURE DESIGN of the field of study FURNITURE DESIGN profiles students, who acquire balanced knowledge, dispositions, skills and competences for qualified solution in furniture design, for industrial production with respect to its requirements, design of furniture solitaires and design of interiors that are on the border of architecture, art and technology.


Science and research activities

The Department deals with institutional research called "Occupied Environment – Primary Medical Prevention Focused on VOC Leakage". The VOC issue is related to implementation of products in the Czech and EU market and furniture evaluation from the point of view of upcoming EU legislation. The Department provides expert and advisory activities in furniture manufacturing and furniture design in quality and safety of products. It is a consulting and professional partner of CEN and the Czech Normalization Institute in the standard setting area. Important activities are also research and evaluation of VOC (volatile organic compounds) leakage from materials – furniture components and education in CAD/CAM.

The Department closely cooperates with the Czech Association of Furniture Manufacturers, Accredited Furniture Testing Laboratory, Czech Trade Inspection Authority, Association of Interior Design, Chamber of Experts of the Czech Republic and Czech Chamber of Architects.

Artistic activities

Within artistic activities the Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat participates in various exhibitions and competitions, where the students of art subject FURNITURE DESIGN may present their work to wide public and compare it to work of other colleagues from various art schools. Quality of student work is proved, besides the displayed prototypes, also by many prizes the students won in international competitions and exhibitions for individual designs. Student work may be seen for example at the following exhibitions: Grand PRIX Mobitex, Prize of Professor Jindřich Halabala, Zlín Design Week, Prague Design Week, Design Shaker, various thematic exhibitions in the Moravian Gallery or on Land art in Arboretum of the Mendel University. The Department also organizes student artistic workshops, exhibitions presenting final examination projects, advisory activities etc.


The Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat disposes of equipment for determining of physical and mechanical properties of furniture surface coating. The Department also operates a testing laboratory, which is a part of testing room of furniture. This testing laboratory engages in particular in determining of VOC emissions. It also has two climatic chambers. Completely new is now putting into operation of a new type of air-conditioning installation the so-called FLEC (Field and laboratory emission cell) thus emission cell, which serves for determining of VOC emissions from small test samples of various types of materials.


The Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat cooperates with the following companies and institutions: TON a.s., traditional manufacturer of bentwood furniture, ATAK design – design and interior studio, Kyzlink architects - architectonic studio, ACER s.r.o., HON a.s. – manufacturer of office furniture, etc.


The Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat cooperates with the following foreign institutions: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia, Applied Sciences, Kouvola, Finland, University of Zagreb, Croatia, etc.

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