The Department of Forest Ecology is a pedagogical and scientific institute of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology. Its activities focus on scientific and research activities and providing of full-time and combined study of bachelor's and master's study programs of Forestry, Forest Engineering and European Forestry and doctoral studies Forest Ecology and Applied Zoology. Scientific work concentrates on examination of structure, production, processes and stability of forest ecosystems with special stress on the sustainable management, in particular preservation of production, biodiversity, vitality and adaptation potential of forests to global change.


Part of education of a student of the Faculty of Forestry should be knowledge of structure and functioning of forest ecosystems including information on basic methodological approaches to study and evaluation of processes in forest ecosystems. This includes also understanding of dynamics of forest ecosystems and ecological relations among its components and understanding of principles of system analysis when evaluating impacts of changing environment on forest including knowledge of basic ecological phenomena and processes. The Department of Forest Ecology participates in passing on this knowledge acquired by its own research of forest ecosystems and thus it contributes to deepening of professional competencies of the students of the Faculty of forestry and Wood Technology.


Basis of science and research activities of the Department is system approach and combination of experimental and analytic approach in the scientific discipline of forest ecology. System approach in forest ecology is aimed at study of production, structure and processes of forest ecosystems with priority focus on secondary production, biodiversity and analysis of energy and substances flows in forest ecosystems.

Currently, the Department of Forest Ecology is solving project TO01000345 Forest functions in the past, present and future - what can society expect from forests under climate change?

Acronym: Forests4Society

The Forests4Society project benefits from a 1 463 000 € grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Project duration: 01/2021 - 04/2024

Annotation: The project deals with the ability of managed forests to provide ecosystem functions in future conditions characterized by higher drought and heatwaves occurrence – wood production (incl. carbon storage) and climate change mitigation (regulation of landscape energy and water balance) in the Czech Republic and Norway. We will focus on different site conditions, potential for adaptation of important tree species (spruce; pine; beech), potential for silvicultural measures implementation, and potential to apply those measures in practise. The goals will be reached by the use of timelines, climate models for predictions (till 2050) and remote sensing and validation of its outputs with detailed field measurements both in long-term research plots and forests managed by VLS and Glommen-Mjøsen.



The Department of Forest Ecology operates two research facilities – in Rájec nad Svitavou and in Lednice.

Research facility in Rájec-Němčice was established in 1975 within UNESCO - IBP (International Biological Program) and international UNESCO program "Man and Biosphere". Objective of current research is assessment of possibilities of forest restoration in given area with regard to optimization of economic methods when applying principles of sustainable forest management at change of spruce monocultures to forests closer to nature and in relation to adaptability of forest stands to effects of expected climatic change. There are several experimental areas in research facility Rájec formed by various forest stands and 2 meteorological towers for monitoring changes of microclimate characteristics and energy and substances flows in forest stands.


The Department of Forest Ecology cooperates for example with the following companies and institutions: Lesy ČR, s.p., Forest-Agro s.r.o. Hrušky, BR Dolní Morava o.p.s., Administration of the Malá Fatra National Park, Slovakia, Protected Landscape Area Kysuce, Slovakia, etc.


The Department of Forest Ecology cooperates for example with the following foreign institutions: Centre for biodiversity theory and modelling, Moulis, France, Department of Forest Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Zvolen, Slovakia, Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia, BOKU, Institute of Forest Ecology, Vienna, Austria, Šumarski Fakultet, Zagreb, Croatia, UFZ Lepzig-Halle, Germany, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Bundesforschungsinstitut für Tiergesundheit, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, Greifswald, Germany, etc.

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