Admission process

European Forestry 2022/2023

Master study programme

Duration 2 years, Enrolment September 2022, Price 65 000 CZK per year (app. 2408 EUR or 2790 USD)

APPLICATION PERIOD from 1st October 2021 until 31st March 2022.

Process step by step:

APPLICATION FORM: Submitting an application form with preliminary documentation for recognition of previous education: passport, diploma (university bachelor degree), transcript of records, motivation letter. The motivation letter should describe any forest or other science experience (especially if not a part of academic transcipt) and will be used to assess a candidate's suitability for acceptance into the European Forestry programme. Send all documents to

→APPLICATION FORM  Please type on a computer and confirm that provided addresses are correct.

  • ENTRANCE EXAMINATION: Passing an entrance examination and Skype interview.

The entrance exam will test a candidate's bachelor level knowledge of forestry; study materials can be found here - .

Exam results are valid for 2 years. In the case of failure, the examination can be repeated after 6 months.

  • NOSTRIFICATION/VALIDATION: Obtaining a certificate of recognition of previous education.

Applicants for the master level study must provide recognition of their bachelor education which is arranged by public universities in the Czech Republic according to the study field.

All required documents must be translated into English or Czech. For successful recognition, the regular duration of the bachelor study must be at least 6 semesters! We provide assistance with submitting your documents for recognition at Mendel University in Brno if your previous education was completed in the same field of study which our university offers. The fee for recognition of your previous study is 3 000 CZK and must be paid before the recognition procedure.

More information can be found HERE. The contact person for recognition at Mendel University in Brno is Bc. Vendula Odleváková (vendula.odlevakova [at]


After acceptance into the programme, incoming students will receive the following:

  • EXAM RESULTS: an official announcment of meeting the entrance exam criteria.
  • STUDY CONTRACT: study contract for you to sign and email back to us.
  • REQUEST FOR FIRST TUITION INSTALMENT: the first instalment of tuition is 40 000 CZK (app. 1535 EUR or app. $1,819).
  • ADMISSION DOCUMENTS: Next you will receive the admission letter, study confirmation, payment confirmation and an accommodation contract.  


  • VISA APPLICATION: applying for your visa.

Once you submit the visa application at the Czech Embassy, it might take up to 90 days before your visa is issued.


Please consult the Czech embassy about information of the best insurance provider. Regarding Coronavirus restrictions, please reference this website ().

If the embassy does not provide that information, you can get your insurance online. For example on this website.


Students from Sub-Saharan African countries, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan are required to pay 800 CZK non-refundable application fee (in these countries, administration is more difficult than in other countries).

Nostrification costs: 3000 CZK - you will be asked to pay before your certificate is issued.

DHL costs: you will be asked to pay the shipping costs after your arrival to Brno.


Students can be refunded their tuition fee in the case of visa refusal or other issues. You will be given a refund if you send us the scanned copy of your visa refusal letter. If you have any other reason for cancelling your application (personal, not being able to get the appointment for visa interview, etc.), your refund will be issued after your admission documents expire.

Refunds will be calculated as follows: we will deduct 3000 CZK for an administrative fee and the costs of DHL (we do not deduct the nostrification fee because you pay this separately).

Do you still have any questions?

Please contact our International Relations Office worker responsible for admissions:

Mgr. Ing. David Sís -

Welcome to Brno and study in English