European Forestry

is a two-year full-time study program taught in English. This program is fully accredited and meets the requirements of the European Bologna system. Successful graduates receive the title "Ing." (Forest Engineer).

This program is suitable especially for interested persons from the fields related to nature (Forestry, Landscaping, Nature Conservation, Biology etc.). After sending the required documents, applicants participate in an online test in mid-April and are subsequently notified of the outcome. Enrollment is held in September. There is no age limit. (See more details below).

The benefits of the study program include: Lectures in an international environment, lecturers with many years of experience in teaching in English language and with international experience. Personal approach. Accommodation provided in university dormitories located near the campus. Meals on campus and at dormitories. A wide range of sporting activities. The University is only 10 minutes drive from the city center. The student-friendly city of Brno is unique thanks to its location in central Europe and easy access to other European capital cities (Prague, Vienna, Bratislava).

Study fees: Payment is 40 000 CZK for the study program. Students can ask fee reduction from reasons of the social aspects and excellent study results. Students may receive a housing scholarship, merit scholarship and special scholarship. Students from Poland, Slovakia or Hungary can receive a Visegrad scholarship (deadline in late January, see more details below).

The Intra-Visegrad Scholarships scheme is suitable for scholars coming from one of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries (Hungary, Poland or Slovakia) who plan to study in any V4 country other than that of their citizenship (at any accredited public or private university or institute of the respective national academies of sciences).
Successful applicants within this scheme will receive scholarships of €2,300/semester.

Deadline for all scholarship applications is 31 January. Results are announced by mid-May More information you can find here 


Study plan

Aim of Studies

The aim of the program is to provide students with a general overview of forestry and nature conservation and develop them theoretical and practical management skills. Knowledge gained in the program: intensive language training and understanding of contemporary international issues allowing graduates to take up top management positions in the forest based sector (and related fields) both in EU and non-EU countries.

Graduate Profile

The Graduate profiles are based on the acquirement of specific abilities (following the European Qualifications Framework) of forest engineers who are capable of solving biological, technical, economic and managerial tasks in forestry management. Most of all, the graduates will profit from the combination of theoretical knowledge obtained in their preceding bachelor studies in different national contexts, and new skills developed within the program. Practice is an integral part of the program.

The final state examination consists of four groups of questions: Forest Ecosystems and Forest Ecology from a European Perspective, Silviculture and Stress Ecology at a European Scale, European Forest Economics and Policy, Forest Planning and Forest Technologies at the EU and Pan-European Levels. The final state examination includes defending a diploma thesis. The Graduation Diploma particularly puts emphasis on a broad context of modern forestry and allows graduates to pursue a career in national and supranational forestry organizations and state administration in their home country or abroad.

Graduates may progress to postgraduate (PhD) programs. 


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