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Wood Material Engineering (WME)

Wood material engineering is a doctoral program preparing qualified candidates for material science research with focus on wood and wooden materials. It extends experimental development of new wood-based composites and applies its results to real use in construction
materials, furniture and other fields where wood is used.

Students will become experts in material science, chemical composition of wood, wood and Lignocellulosic material structures, physical and mechanical properties of wood, composite materials, processes of modification and degradation of wood and wood-based materials. Moreover, part of WME is research and development of new methods in modern wooden construction.

The knowledge gained in WME program advances graduates in finding opportunities in wooden materials research and development and optimization of existing wood and wood-based material technologies.

Forest Pathology and Mycology (FPM)

As the name of this doctoral program suggests, its main educational focus is Pathology of wooden plants and Mycology. FPM mainly observes the role of fungal/oomycetes pathogens in forest habitats and public greenery. It branches out to Ecology, Distribution, Population Structure and Taxonomy/pathogenic systematics of non-pathogenic Fungi and Oomycetes. Microbiology and molecular biology fall into closely attended fields of FPM because of its use in early detection of pathogens and DNA barcoding of population/Taxonomy.

Students will also gain knowledge of scientific writing and publication while actively researching given project.

Forest Pathology and Mycology program fosters new scientists for work with research facilities, universities, and in private sector, companies developing practical plant pathogen use.

Forest Phythology (FP)

Worldwide biomes of forests and its diverse plant organisms coincide with large range of discipline subjects taught in FP program. From structure and function of plants, relationship of plant organisms and their coexistence with abiotic factors within forest, ecosystems, plant anatomy, morphology to systematic botany and population ecology
With programs focus on wooden plants and its unmatched depth, compared with other universities, Forest Pathology program produces highly specialized individuals further advancing forestry science, and pedagogues of the highest caliber.

Forest Management (FM)

The FM post gradual program is a complex field of study of modern methods of data collection, application of decition support systems, mathematical modeling and growth simulations. Also assessment of harmful factors impact on forest production and its management. It is comprised of three main fields of study:

  • forest planning and management
  • forest biometry and modelling
  • applied geoinformatics – more complex topics usually cover more then one above specializations.

The study emphasizes collection and analysis of dendrometric quantities, modeling forest growth and dynamics. Also solution of climatic condition problem of FM on national and international level.

The graduate will apply modern statistical and biometrical methods for analysis and prognosis of tree growth with ability to carry out forest survey and inventory. Students will also acquire comprehensive overview of applied geoinformatics and ability to work hardware and software for processing and thermatic analysis of geospatial data, create spatial modeling and multidimensional multimedia presentations.

Successful program completion opens opportunities in research organizations and academic sphere as a leading specialist in forest and landscape management. In state and municipal forest enterprices, nature conservation organizations ( national parks, protected areas, etc.). Also in forest and spatial data management companies and furthermore as an expert in international organizations as FAQ, EU etc.


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